Hopi Red Dye Amaranth - Organic


Hopi Red Dye Amaranth - Organic

Amaranthus cruentus (46 days) A stately 6' plant, Hopi was the best of the nine amaranths we compared, displaying 1–2' deep burgundy inflorescences. Leaves may be green or burgundy or some variation. Eat the young leaves in salads or slightly steamed, admire them young or old. The Hopis make a scarlet food dye from the flower bracts to color their ceremonial piki bread. Yanna Fishman of Union Mills, NC, suggests using Hopi in your floral arrangements. “When added to a flower bouquet it makes an ordinary clear jar look like an elegant purple-tinted vase as it colors the water.” Annual. Indigenous Royalties.

4835 Hopi Red Dye - Organic
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A dual-purpose crop, both nutritious and decorative. From the Greek amarantos for ‘unfading.’ Used as an ornamental, especially in harvest arrangements. Amaranth was an extremely important food of the Aztecs. ~1,250 seeds/g.

Also see Opopeo for grain and Calaloo for greens.


All flowers are annuals except where noted. All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

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