Hopi Blue Flour Corn


Hopi Blue Flour Corn

Zea mays
(100 days) Open-pollinated. Precursors of this strain have been raised continuously for 800 years on the mesas of northern Arizona. Used by the Hopis to make ceremonial piki bread. Tall 9' plants produce large 8–10" ears of mostly 12 rows. The beautiful deep kernels are remarkably doughy even when fully dry and are easily ground into flour. Very drought-tolerant, with a long taproot. Dick Burnham of Talking Crow Organic Farm in western Massachusetts reports it is not just for flour, it is good to eat, “crunchy, corny and wholesome.” Indigenous Royalties.

691 Hopi Blue
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Additional Information


  • About 85–275 seeds/oz. 1 oz packet sows 25 ft, 1 lb sows 400 ft.
  • Seeds per packet vary, open-pollinated selections average 100 seeds/oz, normal sugary varieties 140 seeds/oz, and SE cultivars with shrunken seeds 150-160 seeds/oz.
  • Days to maturity are from emergence after direct sowing; for transplants, subtract 20 days.

Culture: Untreated sweet corn seed will not germinate in cold wet soil. Please be patient and wait till soil warms to at least 60° before sowing, or start seedlings indoors and transplant at 3–6" before taproots take off. Minimum soil temperature 55°, optimal temperature range 65–85°. Tender, will not survive frost. Heavy nitrogen requirements.

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