Flying Saucers Morning Glory


Flying Saucers Morning Glory

Ipomoea nil
Seedsman Darold Decker created these 4" open bicolor trumpets just three years after the Russians sent Sputnik into orbit. Clear white cups streaked with sky blue. The swirly blue patterns create the ethereal saucer effect that inspired its name. Can be brought inside in the bud stage for a week-long show as the amazing blossoms unfurl their patterns. Climbing vine grows 8–10'. Annual.

5271 Flying Saucers
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Additional Information

Morning Glory

~25 seeds/g.

Annual. Easily grown climber with trumpet-shaped flowers provides color and shade, decorates fence or post.

Culture: Plant with eastern exposure for best results. Nick the seeds with a file and soak overnight to speed germination. Germinates in 2 weeks at 75–80°. Sow outdoors after danger of frost or indoors in peat pots as they resent transplanting. Overly rich soil will yield excess foliage and sparse blooms.


All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

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