Elephant Head Amaranth - Organic


Elephant Head Amaranth - Organic

Amaranthus gangeticus
(90 days) Tune out the politicians and elect this garden Elephant Head instead for its more amusing flair for the dramatic. The 140-year-old heirloom with deep reddish-maroon blooms develops a 6–12" vertical “trunk” atop a 12–18" base during August. The whole spectacular plant grows 3–5'. Seed from German immigrants saved by three generations of gardeners in Idaho, popularized by Seeds of Change.Annual.

4837 Elephant Head - Organic
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Annual. A dual-purpose crop, both nutritious and decorative. From the Greek amarantos for ‘unfading.’ Used as an ornamental, especially in harvest arrangements. Amaranth was an extremely important food of the Aztecs. ~1,250 seeds/g.

Also see Opopeo for grain and callaloo for greens.


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