Earl Grey Larkspur


Earl Grey Larkspur

Consolida ajacis For that kind of cloudy day on the Maine coast when subtle “cool” colors come into their own and the grey chill invites you to curl up with a cup of Earl Grey tea. This pearly grey-lavender larkspur on tall stalks fits nicely into such an atmosphere, its delicate shades revealing their shimmering clarity. Maybe enjoying them in a bouquet is your cup of tea. Upright 3–4' tall plants. Annual. ~330 seeds/g.

5160 Earl Grey Larkspur
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Culture: Likes cool moist conditions. Very slow to give in to fall frosts. May be direct seeded in early spring or started indoors and grown on at 55° and set out in 8 weeks. Does not germinate well in warmer temperatures. Refrigerating for a week improves germination. Cut when one third of the flowers on the stem are open. For cuts, vase life is 6–8 days. Excellent for drying. ~330 seeds/g. except for Blue Cloud.


All flowers are annuals except where noted. All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

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