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374 Mid. Clusters of medium-sized dark grapes with a heavy blue bloom. Our most popular seeded grape. Excellent for fresh eating, jelly and juice. Z3. read more
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375 Mid. Large thick-skinned slipskin grape with delicious spicy flavor. Good fresh, in jams, jellies, wine or juice. Two weeks earlier than Concord. Z4. read more
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376 Mid-Late. Very large loose clusters of small grapes for red wine. Also excellent for fresh eating. Z4/5. read more
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King of the North
King of the NorthGrape
377 Mid. Very hardy dark-skinned table and wine grape. Produces light red sweet tasty juice. Z3. read more
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378 Mid-Late. Small-medium bluish-black grapes in small to medium-sized clusters. The best variety this side of the Atlantic for a Pinot-Noir-style red wine. Z3. read more
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379 Late. Large slipskin grapes are very juicy with a mild foxy flavor. Good for fresh eating and juice. Z4/5. read more
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Reliance Seedless
Reliance SeedlessGrape
380 Very Early. Large loose clusters of tender melting sweet pinkish-red grapes with a strawberry-like flavor. Good for fresh eating or juice. Stores well. Z4/5. read more
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Somerset Seedless
Somerset SeedlessGrape
381 Early. Medium-sized small sweet ruddy reddish-golden grapes in loose clusters. Crispy texture and great flavor. Easy to grow. Z4. read more
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382 Mid. Large long broad tapering clusters of medium-sized round dark purplish blue-black grapes with a heavy bloom. Excellent fresh-eating quality. Heirloom. Z4. read more
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Grape Collection
Grape CollectionCollection
386 Our pick of 4 varieties, individually labeled, a combo of hardy dessert and wine grapes. read more
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