Marquette Grape


Marquette Grape

Vitis spp. Mid-Late. MN 1211 (MN 1094 x Rivat 262) U Minn, 2006.

This grape has northern winemakers buzzing with excitement. The best variety this side of the Atlantic for a Pinot Noir–style red wine. One parent, MN 1094, has both V. riparia and V. vinifera in its background. The other, Rivat 262, is a French hybrid with Pinot Noir as one of its parents. Not only is Marquette heavy with vinifera, the vines are also extremely cold hardy. And there’s more: sugar levels are high—in the range of 26.1 Brix—and the acid levels are lower than Frontenac. Substantial tannins add complexity. Small-medium bluish-black berries in small to medium-sized clusters. Ripens a few days before Frontenac. PPA. Z3. (well-rooted bare-root vines)

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