Reliance Seedless Grape


Reliance Seedless Grape

Vitis spp. Very Early. Arkansas 1163 (Ontario x Suffolk Red) Arkansas Stn, 1982.

Medium-sized berries are good for fresh eating or juice. Large loose clusters of tender melting sweet pinkish-red fruit with a strawberry-like flavor. Stores well in a root cellar for 1-2 months.

Seems hardy although it has shown significant dieback in our Zone 4 trials. You may need to lay vines down for the winter in colder areas (see info). While the literature cautions about Reliance’s disease susceptibility, our vines have performed well and remained free of disease. Z4/5. (well-rooted bare-root vines)

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Grapes do not need another variety for pollination. Space 8–12' apart in rows 8–12' apart.

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