Crimson Pearl Grape


Crimson Pearl Grape

Vitis spp. Mid. TP 2-1-17 (MN1094 x E.S. 4-7-26) U Minn selection, 2015. (US Patent 30,263P3)

Wine grape good for fruity, not-too-acidic, dry reds or rosés with notes of dried cherry and hints of pepper. Berries are deep dark purple. Less tannic than Petit Pearl and ripens about 10 days earlier. Bud breaks later than Frontenac and shows good winter hardiness with canes having survived a Minnesota cold snap of –32°. Good resistance to powdery mildew. Thanks to Tom Plocher for permitting Fedco to be one of the few nurseries offering this grape in the U.S. Z4. (well-rooted vines)

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Grapes do not need another variety for pollination. Space 8–12' apart in rows 8–12' apart.

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