Blue False Indigo Baptisia - Organic


Blue False Indigo Baptisia - Organic

Baptisia australis 3-4' x same.

An early summer stand-out with vibrant blue lupine-like flowers. Nitrogen-fixing legume transfers nitrogen from the air to the soil where it can be absorbed by neighboring plants. Has a bushy habit and shrub-like structure once mature. Seed pods turn black in fall, adding interest to the autumn landscape. Will develop an extensive root system, good for holding slopes to prevent erosion.

Plant 3' apart in full sun and well-drained acid soil. Native to eastern and central North America. Z3. Maine Grown. (bare-root crowns)

OGThis item is certified organic

687 Blue False Indigo - Organic
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Additional Information

Herbaceous Perennial Plants

When you receive your order, open the bags and check the stock immediately. Roots and crowns should be firm and pliable. Surface mold is harmless and will not affect the plant’s future performance. Store plants in their packaging in a cool (35–40°) location until you are ready to plant. If it’s going to be awhile, you can pot up your perennials.

Do not plant bare-root perennial plant crowns directly outdoors before danger of frost has passed. Wet and/or cold conditions for an extended period may cause rotting.

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