Rosalie Winter Heath


Rosalie Winter Heath

Erica carnea 6x14" Seedling of Myretoun Ruby. Edewecht, Germany, Kurt Kramer intro, 1990. Of Scottish descent. Also called Snow Heath.

Profuse blooms of distinct bell-shaped flowers in very early spring through April with repeat blooms in August. Foliage is more ferny and wispier than heathers and can be many shades of green through the season. Mounded matlike growth habit sprawls and crawls like slime mold, and just as pretty. This spring ours bloomed through a crust of snow for an explosion of flowers with bees of all kinds clambering for early nectar. Ericas have become a favorite of ours. You won’t be able to resist the urge to pet it when you walk past.

‘Rosalie’ has bright pink blossoms over bronze-green foliage. Plant en masse to create a magical carpet. Super low-maintenance. Species native to the Alps and the British Isles. Z4. (4" pots)

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