Blushing Moon™ American Cranberry


Blushing Moon™ American Cranberry

Vaccinium macrocarpon Selected from a seedling John Harker found growing in a bog on an island off the coast of Maine in 1993; introduced in 2003.

Berries are considered albino, having a red blush on a golden-white background at harvest. The fruit is smaller than Stevens with higher yields per shoot and strong recurring flowering the following year. Makes clear juice. Sauce is amber. Long life in cold storage, up to 6 months. Maine Grown. (6" pots)

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American Cranberry

Native to northeastern U.S. and Canada. Dense low lustrous evergreen groundcover, reddish purple in fall and loaded with large red berries. Once established, makes a beautiful and edible “lawn.” Bitter and alkalizing effects make it one of the most common remedies for bladder infections. An excellent source of vitamin C.

Handpick or rake like blueberries before hard frost. Use fresh, freeze or store in a cool basement or root cellar for months. Commercial operations flood fields for frost protection and harvesting convenience, but this is not necessary in home plots. Easy to grow; pest and disease resistant.

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