Madison Peach


Madison Peach

Prunus persica Late. Ideal x Redhaven. VA Stn, 1963.

A fine peach for the North, with hardiness similar to Redhaven but ripening 3 weeks later, around the time of the Common Ground Country Fair. Medium-large fruit with bright orange skin and bright red blush. Orange-yellow firm fine-textured juicy flesh with excellent very sweet rich peach flavor. Skin peels easily. Freestone, excellent canner. Very productive.

Exceptional tolerance to blossom-season frost. This winter, deep freeze caused widespread dieback on all of our peach trees but Madison fared the best even upstaging Reliance on hardiness! A Fedco favorite! Z4. Maine Grown. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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Peaches are self-pollinating; one tree alone is sufficient. Plant 15–20' apart.

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