Big Top Horseradish


Big Top Horseradish

Armoracia rusticana Exceptionally vigorous perennial with large dock-like leaves and spicy hot roots, savored for centuries for their culinary and medicinal qualities. Horseradish tea is said to be an effective control for brown rot on stone fruits.

Deep taproot with numerous shallow runner roots. Choose carefully where you plant it because you may never get it all out. Even the tiniest root piece will produce a new plant.

Leaves can be cooked as greens. Roots are traditionally harvested in the fall, but you can dig them anytime. Roots keep 3-4 months in the fridge.

To use as an invigorating tonic, grate the fresh roots and mix with a little lemon juice or apple-cider vinegar and refrigerate. Use soon, then make more. Big Top is an especially disease-resistant variety.

Prefers moist rich soil. Plant with the slanted cut down and the flat side up, or just toss them in and watch them grow. Native to northern Europe. Z3. (bare roots)

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