Purple Passion Asparagus


Purple Passion Asparagus

Asparagus officinalis Developed from the Italian heirloom Violetto di Albenga. Brian Benson intro.

Very large deep purple stalk with a creamy white interior. Purple asparagus is actually a type of white asparagus shown the light.

Sweeter and less stringy than its green counterparts, so you can use more of the spear. Tender enough to eat raw in salads. Turns green when cooked. Z4. (1-year bare-root crowns)

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Plant 14–18" apart, 6–10" deep, in trenches 4' apart. Lay plants with crown up and cover with 2" of soil. As young shoots grow, add soil gradually, just covering the shoots, until the trench is full. In late fall, remove dead stalks and mulch with 3" of manure. Comes into full harvest year four.

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