Dolgo Crabapple


Dolgo Crabapple

Malus spp. 25x30' From seed collected by NE Hansen of Malus x robusta in 1897 at the Imperial Botanical Gardens, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Dolgo means ‘long’ in Russian.) Introduced in the U.S. in 1917.

The classic culinary crab still found in old Maine dooryards. Apricot-pink buds, large fragrant 2" pure white single flowers bloom early. Beautiful purple-red 1½" teardrop-shaped fruit makes flavorful clear ruby-red jelly. In recent years the aromatic very sweet, very acidic fruit has found favor with cidermakers. Great for canning, pickling and delicious sauce.

Vigorous large blocky upright spreading tree consistently yields abundant summer crops. Very hardy. Z2. Maine Grown. (Standard: 3–6' bare-root trees; semi-dwarf: 2½-5' bare-root trees)

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