Brandywine Crabapple


Brandywine Crabapple

Malus spp. 20x20' M. ioensis ‘Plena’ Klehm’s No. 8 (M. x purpurea ‘Lemoinei’ x M. ‘Klehm’s Improved’)

Incredibly beautiful fragrant flowers followed by unbelievably bitter fruit. Deep pink buds open to fragrant 1" double rose-like blossoms. Put an arrangement of these flowers in a vase, and people will swear they are roses.

Cidermakers love the unattractive 1-2" maroon-blushed green fruit that drops in the fall and makes a mess. Very high in tannin. In Cider Digest some years ago, one grower wrote, “You ought to try planting a crab called ‘Brandywine’. WOW!!! what a real mouth-killer as far as tannin goes… Couldn’t tell you the acidity because my tongue had gone dead.”

Loosely rounded tree blooms most years. Z4. Maine Grown. (Semi-dwarf: 2½-5' bare-root trees)

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