Vernal Witch Hazel


Vernal Witch Hazel

Hamamelis vernalis 6-10' x 6-15'. While its medicinal properties are similar to Maine’s native fall-blooming H. virginiana, this late-winter bloomer is smaller in stature and not quite as hardy.

Yellow flowers with dark red centers emerge along thin branches late February into March. Each flower is comprised of four ½" petals that curl and crinkle. Petals are more colorful and a bit shorter than those of H. virginiana.

Bring branches inside to force through winter as an alternative to forsythia. Mild fruity aroma. Tendency to sucker and form thickets. Medium-dark green deeply veined scalloped oblong-ovate leaves turn golden yellow in autumn for a couple of weeks before falling.

Will sunburn in full sun. Partial sun to light shade in cool fertile woodsy-duff loam. Native to midwestern U.S. Hardiness may be variable in New England. Z4/5. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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