Toka Hybrid Plum


Toka Hybrid Plum

Prunus spp. Late Summer. (Prunus americana x Prunus simonii) NE Hansen intro, SD Exp Stn, 1911.

Rosy red fruit, up to 1½" in diameter, mottled with darker purplish-red and covered with a faint bloom. Grower Don Johnson’s comment: “Talk about flavor: candy plum.” Sweet, distinctive, meaty and flavorful. Not really juicy. Somewhat freestone.

Extremely vigorous tree blooms heavily every year. Diligent pruning may be required to keep it from becoming a bit of a monster.

Considered a good pollinator for other hybrid plums because of its long bloom period. Z3. Indigenous Royalties. Maine Grown. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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Additional Information

Hybrid Plums

Hybrid plums require a second variety for pollination. The North American native plum Prunus americana is a particularly good pollinator for hybrid plums. Your plum trees can be planted close to form a thicket, or spaced 15–20' in an orchard setting.

At maturity, hybrid plums are roughly 15–20' tall.

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