Redfield Apple


Redfield Apple

Fall. Wolf River x Niedzwetzkyana. NY Stn, 1938.

One of the best and largest of the red-fleshed apples. Although usually considered too tart for eating out of hand, the medium-large fruit with opaque solid rusty-red skin is absolutely great in pies, makes wonderful jelly, and turns sauce and cider red. We love this apple.

Gained fame in the hard-cider world thanks to the wonderful single-variety Redfield cider and Redfield blends made by the late Terry Maloney of West County Cider. Very sharp and bitter in cidermakers’ lingo. (SG 1.052)

Flesh is two-toned: deep pink fading to white around the core. The flowers are also two-toned, deep pink, tipped with small white lightning bolts. And the bronze-red foliage adds further interest all season. Bears young, annually, and shows some insect resistance in our trials.

Sometimes listed as a crabapple, but don’t be fooled: the apples are the size of Macs. One of the very first to bloom each year. Z3. Maine Grown. (Standard: 3-6' bare-root trees; semi-dwarf: 2½-5' bare-root trees)

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All apple trees require a second variety for pollination.

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