Adams PearmainOrdering closed for the season
101 Fall. Rich juicy spicy medium-sized fruit. Great fresh, in salads and for cider. Moderately vigorous tree. Z4. read more
Airlie Red FleshOrdering closed for the season
102 Fall. Beautiful deep pink flesh. Medium-sized fruit good for fresh eating and simply admiring! Z4. read more
Ashmead’s KernelOrdering closed for the season
105 Winter. Medium-small fresh-eating apple of unparalleled quality. Intense, aromatic, sharp & sweet. Good keeper. Scab-resistant. Z4. read more
Aunt Penelope WinslowOrdering closed for the season
106 Summer-Fall. Medium-sized fruit great for eating fresh. Makes great mid-winter sauce. Extremely rare. Z4. read more
BaldwinOrdering closed for the season
107 Winter. Large crisp juicy fruit. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking, and hard cider. Keeps till spring. Biennial bearer. Z4. read more
Black OxfordOrdering closed for the season
114 Winter. Medium-sized with well-balanced flavor. Excellent pies and cider. All-purpose. Best eating late Dec. to March. Great keeper. Z4. read more
BlakeOrdering closed for the season
115 Fall. Medium-large apple. Citrusy, very tart, almost bitter, medium juicy and dense. All-purpose. Keeps until January. Extremely rare. Z4. read more
Blue PearmainOrdering closed for the season
117 Fall-Winter. Medium to very large apple has a good balance of sweet and tart with hints of pear. All-purpose. Keeps until midwinter. Z4. read more
Briggs AuburnOrdering closed for the season
118 Fall-Winter. Large all-purpose apple with bright well-balanced flavor. Hints of banana and blackberry. Keeps all winter. Z4. read more
BurgundyOrdering closed for the season
120 Fall. Very hardy high-quality cooking apple. Large and glossy purplish-red roundish fruit. Firm juicy flesh. Good for fresh cider. Stores 2 months. Z3. read more
Calville Blanc d’HiverOrdering closed for the season
121 Winter. Large fruit with fine-grained juicy flesh. Famous dessert and cooking apple. All-purpose. Keeps till midwinter. Z4. read more
Canada ReinetteOrdering closed for the season
122 Fall-Winter. Medium-large fruit is firm, moderately tender, coarse, juicy, subacid, and very good. Still a very popular commercial variety in Europe. Great keeper. Hardy. Z3/4. read more
Canadian StrawberryOrdering closed for the season
123 Fall. Medium-to-large full-flavored apple. Surprisingly juicy, distinctly tart. Superb fresh-eating. Keeps about a month. Z4. read more
CherryfieldOrdering closed for the season
126 Fall. Conic pink-blushed and striped apple. Very nice fresh and cooking. Good keeper. Z4. read more
ChestnutOrdering closed for the season
127 Early Fall. Firm, crisp, juicy dessert crab excellent for fresh eating, pickles and sauce. Stores a month. Beautiful mid-late blooms. Z3. read more
CortlandOrdering closed for the season
130 Fall-Winter. Medium-large size, fine-grained, crisp, tender, juicy. All-purpose. Annual producer of heavy crops. Bears young. Z4. read more
Cox’s Orange PippinOrdering closed for the season
131 Fall. Medium-sized apple. Perfectly balanced flavor, aromatic crisp juicy tender flesh. All-purpose. Tree bears young and annually. Z4. read more
DeaneOrdering closed for the season
133 Fall. An heirloom all-purpose apple with light yellow skin, red blush and short pink stripes. Fine-grained white tender juicy subacid fruit. Z4. read more
Esopus SpitzenburgOrdering closed for the season
136 Fall-Winter. Medium-large, slightly tart, crisp and juicy. Thomas Jefferson’s favorite. Good acid source for cider. All-purpose. Good keeper. Z4. read more
FameuseOrdering closed for the season
138 Early Fall. Also called Snow. Ruby-red fruit with tender white flesh. Excellent fresh eating, sauce and fresh cider. Keeps until late December. Z3. read more
FrostbiteOrdering closed for the season
140 Fall-Winter. The most distinctive, complex, unusually flavored apple you'll ever try! Hardy, productive, reliable. Z3. read more
Golden RussetOrdering closed for the season
142 Winter. Medium-sized russet apple. The champagne of cider apples, and excellent for eating. Keeps well into spring. Scab-resistant. Z4. read more
GoldRushOrdering closed for the season
143 Winter. Medium-to-large dessert apple is hard, very crisp, juicy, tart. Keeps till May. Highly disease-resistant. Blooms midseason to late. Z4. read more
GravensteinOrdering closed for the season
144 Summer. Famous pie apple. Med/large fruit makes outstanding eating and cooking. Flavorful and tart. Z4/5. read more
Gray PearmainOrdering closed for the season
145 Fall-Winter. Medium size, firm white juicy mildly tart flesh. Delicious distinct pear flavor. Keeps all winter. Annual bearer. Z4. read more
Grimes GoldenOrdering closed for the season
146 Fall. Medium-sized tart citrusy crisp dense firm fruit. Excellent for dessert and cooking. All-purpose. Good keeper. Annual bearer. Z4. read more
HoneycrispOrdering closed for the season
149 Winter. Medium-large apple. Sweet, juicy, snappy fresh eating. Keeps up to seven months. Tends to bear annually. Scab-resistant. Z3. read more
Hudson’s Golden GemOrdering closed for the season
151 Fall. Medium-to-large apple. Sweet juicy crisp smooth pear-like flesh. Exceptional flavor. Stores several months. Disease-resistant. Z4. read more
KavanaghOrdering closed for the season
153 Fall. Large, distinctive “cathead” shape. Mild, moderately crisp, moderately tart and subtle. All-purpose; excellent for cooking, especially sauce. Z4. read more
KeepsakeOrdering closed for the season
154 Winter. Medium-sized dessert apple is hard, crisp, juicy and sweet. One of the best keepers. Blooms late. Z3. read more
King DavidOrdering closed for the season
156 Fall-Winter. Medium-sized intensely flavored apple is fine, juicy and tender. Keeps till January. Blooms early-midseason. Z4. read more
King of Tompkins CountyOrdering closed for the season
157 Fall. Large juicy apple. Crisp yellow flesh, balanced flavor. Good fresh eating and cooking. Keeps until January. Annual bearer. Z4. read more
LibertyOrdering closed for the season
158 Late Summer-Fall. Medium size, crisp white flesh. All-purpose. Keeps till late fall. Scab-immune. Annual bearer, begins at early age. Z4. read more
MannOrdering closed for the season
161 Winter. Large hardy all-purpose winter storage fruit. Once popular throughout northern New England. Excellent keeper. Z3/4. read more
MarthaOrdering closed for the season
163 Late Summer. Large-fruited crab for fresh eating, jellies, jams and other cooking. Beautiful bright rosy-red striped fruit. Yellowish flesh, crisp, juicy and delicious. Z3. read more
McIntoshOrdering closed for the season
164 Fall. The most important apple in the Northeast. Delicious and aromatic. All-purpose. Annual bearer. Very susceptible to scab. Z4. read more
Milo GibsonOrdering closed for the season
166 Fall. Intensely flavorful dessert variety. Delicious licorice taste with hints of banana. Keeps till the New Year. Z4. read more
Northern SpyOrdering closed for the season
171 Winter. Famous heirloom apple. Very large, juicy, tender. Makes a great single-variety pie! All-purpose. Good keeper. Scab-resistant. Z4. read more
Ramsdell SweetOrdering closed for the season
177 Fall. A true “sweet” apple with almost no acidity. Great for baking, boiling, apple molasses and hard cider. Z3/4. read more
Red AstrachanOrdering closed for the season
178 Summer. The standard Maine summer cooking apple, especially pies. Medium-sized dark red fruit. Juicy subacid white flesh tinged with red. Z3. read more
Red Summer RamboOrdering closed for the season
181 Late Summer. Medium/large all purpose fruit. Good for pies when slightly underripe. Great fresh eating. Excellent sauce. Z4. read more
Rhode Island GreeningOrdering closed for the season
182 Fall-Winter. Large, crisp and tart. Classic New England cooking apple; also great fresh eating. Keeps well into winter. Z4. read more
Roxbury RussetOrdering closed for the season
185 Winter. Medium-large, rich, spicy and juicy. A great late-winter dessert apple; good cooking. Stores until summer. Scab resistant. Z4. read more
St. LawrenceOrdering closed for the season
189 Early Fall. Medium-large all-purpose apples. Visually striking. Crisp, juicy, tender, fine-grained flesh. For dessert, pies, or sauce. Z3. read more
Stewardship AppleOrdering closed for the season
267 Be the proud keeper of a sister tree to one of many rare varieties planted at the Maine Heritage Orchard. $30 from the sale supports the project. read more
Sweet SixteenOrdering closed for the season
190 Fall. Medium-sized apple. Sweet, nutty and spicy flavors. Fine-textured crisp flesh. Keeps till midwinter. Some resistance to scab. Z3. read more
Tolman SweetOrdering closed for the season
192 Fall-Early Winter. One of the first American varieties. Unforgettably peculiar sweet flavor. Very low acidity. Truly all-purpose. Z4. read more
TrailmanOrdering closed for the season
193 Summer. Size and shape of an egg. Crisp, crunchy with spicy sweet flavor. Exceptional fresh-eating. Precocious, annually productive. Z2/3. read more
WealthyOrdering closed for the season
198 Fall. Medium-sized. Tender juicy sweet tart white flesh. Famous all-purpose variety. Especially good pies. Small-med size tree. Z3. read more
Williams PrideOrdering closed for the season
201 Summer. Nice balance of tart and sweet. Crisp and juicy fresh-eating; fine cooking. Disease-resistant; scab immune. Z4. read more
Winn RussetOrdering closed for the season
204 Winter. Medium-large russet is great for fresh eating and cider. Keeps till May. Rare. Z3/4. read more
Wolf RiverOrdering closed for the season
205 Fall. Huge fruit with firm but tender flesh. Aromatic tart flavor. Famous old-time apple. Excellent cooking and drying. Scab-resistant. Z3. read more
Yellow BellflowerOrdering closed for the season
206 Winter. Large firm crisp fine-grained juicy aromatic all-purpose apple does everything well, including keeping all winter. Blooms early-midseason. Z4. read more
Yellow TransparentOrdering closed for the season
207 Summer. Medium-sized tender-skinned tart apple for fresh-eating and sauce. Ripens early August. Not a keeper. Incredibly hardy. Blooms midseason. Z3. read more
ZestarOrdering closed for the season
208 Late Summer. Medium-sized, highly-flavored fruit. Good balance of acid/sweet. Crisp and juicy fresh-eating. Stores up to seven weeks. Z3. read more

Cider Apples

Ashton BitterOrdering closed for the season
230 Early Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Medium-sized astringent fruit with strong tannin, high sugar and low acidity. Best blended. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Bitter PewOrdering closed for the season
231 Fall. Bittersharp cider apple, suited to adding large amounts of tannin to cider. Medium-sized fruit. Not for eating fresh. Z4. read more
Chisel JerseyOrdering closed for the season
232 Late Fall. Small bittersweet cider apple. Medium acidity, highly astringent, harsh and high in tannins. Not for eating fresh. Z4. read more
Coat JerseyOrdering closed for the season
233 Early Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Small fruit with high sugar content. Astringent, bitter and wooly with flavors of banana and black tea. Z4/5. read more
Cider Apple
DabinettOrdering closed for the season
234 Late Fall. Medium-sized, medium-bittersweet cider apple. One of the most popular cider varieties. Not for eating fresh. Annual bearer. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Ellis BitterOrdering closed for the season
235 Early Fall. Medium bittersweet cider apple. Sweet, crisp and juicy. Soft, astringent, tannin. Useful for its early ripening. Midseason bloomer. Z4. read more
Everett CunninghamOrdering closed for the season
236 Fall-Winter. Maine bittersharp cider apple. Astringent. Not for eating fresh. Recommended for cidermakers in colder districts. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Gnarled ChapmanOrdering closed for the season
238 Fall. Large beautiful bittersweet cider apple. Not for eating fresh. Blooms midseason. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
HarrisonOrdering closed for the season
239 Mid-Late Fall. Medium-small vintage cider apple. Rich firm dry yellow flesh. Famous cider said to be better than champagne! Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Harry Masters JerseyOrdering closed for the season
240 Fall. Medium-large size. Medium-full bittersweet cider apple. Soft astringent tannin. Not for eating fresh. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Hewe’s Virginia CrabOrdering closed for the season
241 Fall. Sharp cider apple. One of few good for single varietal cider. Incredibly vigorous, productive. Hardy. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Kingston BlackOrdering closed for the season
243 Fall. Medium-sized bittersharp cider apple. Full-bodied vintage cider with nice blend of acid, tannins and sugar. Decent fresh-eating. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
KolaOrdering closed for the season
244 Fall. Highly unusual apple and tree. Flavor reminiscent of wet wool, grapefruit pith, bourbon, caramel and hair salon. Not bitter, but sharp and astringent. Sauce and cider. Z3. read more
Cider Apple
MajorOrdering closed for the season
245 Early Fall. Medium-sized full bittersweet cider apple. Sweet, soft, woolly, juicy, bitter. Vigorous tree, scab-resistant. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Medaille d’OrOrdering closed for the season
246 Late Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Lots of tannin. Light yellow fruit mostly covered with tan russet. Combine with other late varieties. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Porter’s PerfectionOrdering closed for the season
247 Late Fall. Small medium-bittersharp cider apple. Heavy cropper. Scab resistant. Z4. read more
RedfieldOrdering closed for the season
179 Fall. Medium-large red-fleshed apple. Use for sauce, pies. Very sharp and bitter in cider. Two-toned flowers, bronze-red foliage. Z3. read more
Cider Apple
Screen ShotOrdering closed for the season
249 Fall. Horribly bitter fruit guaranteed to jazz up even the dullest cider. One apple has enough phytonutrients to keep the doctors away for months. Probably Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Shavel SharpOrdering closed for the season
250 Fall. Small astringent very juicy fruit. Bittersharp cider apple. The most bitter apple you’ll ever taste. Not for eating fresh. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
WicksonOrdering closed for the season
200 Fall. Small but flavorful. Crisp, juicy, tart, tangy, spicy. Good in hard cider. Keeps until January. Bears young, heavily, annually. Z4. read more
Cider Apple
Yarlington MillOrdering closed for the season
251 Fall. Medium-sized medium-bittersweet cider apple. Low-acid aromatic fruity cider. Highly recommended for commercial growers. Z3/4. read more


Hard Cider Apple CollectionOrdering closed for the season
266 Get your cider orchard started with Fedco’s choice of bittersharp and bittersweet apples. All trees individually labeled. Z4. read more
Heirloom Apple CollectionOrdering closed for the season
229 Start your own heirloom apple orchard with Fedco’s choice of varieties traditionally grown in New England. All trees individually labeled. Z4. read more


Malus AntonovkaOrdering closed for the season
268 Hardy Russian seedling rootstock for full-sized “standard” apple trees. The hardiest rootstock we offer. Space trees 20-30' apart. Z3. read more
Malus Budagovsky 118Ordering closed for the season
269 Also called Bud 118 or B118. Semi-dwarf rootstock, similar in size to M111 (about 85-90% of standard). Space trees 20-25' apart. Z3. read more
Malus Budagovsky 9Ordering closed for the season
272 Dwarfing rootstock, produces a tree about a quarter the size of a standard tree. Space trees 5-10' apart. Z4. read more
Malus Geneva 11Ordering closed for the season
271 Also called G11. Dwarf rootstock produces a tree about a third the size of standard. Space trees 8-10' apart. Z4/5. read more
Malus M111Ordering closed for the season
270 Very popular semi-dwarf rootstock produces a tree about 65-80% of standard. Space trees 15-20' apart. Hardy to Z3/4. read more