Goat Willow


Goat Willow

Salix caprea 12-25' x 12-15' A fancy European version of our common native pussy willow, S. discolor.

One of the first signs of spring. On a dreary cold day during mud season, the light of an overcast sky makes the newly emerging catkins look like diamonds in the grey landscape. Cut early spring branches and put in a vase, no water needed. Recommended as a companion plant in the orchard, an excellent source of early spring pollen for winter-weary bees. Keep it pruned low in order to better reach—and enjoy!—the beautiful new stems in springtime.

Prefers woodland edges and lowlands, but adaptable. Full sun. Native to the U.K. but long naturalized in much of Europe. Z4.Maine Grown. (1-2' bare-root plants)

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