Nannyberry Viburnum


Nannyberry Viburnum

Viburnum lentago 15-20' x 10-12' Also called Sheepberry or Sweet Viburnum.

Large open vase-shaped suckering shrub with edible oval berries that turn from green to yellow to red to blue-black raisins that persist in winter and are popular with the birds.

Large flat-topped clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers are a common sight in spring in the Maine landscape and are reminiscent of elderberry blossoms. Shiny foliage, purplish red in fall. Medicinal bark and leaves. Recommended for naturalizing, bird and wildlife habitat, screens and borders.

Prefers moist well-drained average soils but adaptable to poor, compacted or dry soils. Sun or shade. Self-fertile, but plant two or more for better pollination and fruit production. Native to eastern U.S. and Canada. Z2. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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The Viburnum genus encompasses more than 150 different species, which can range from dense shrubs lush with green foliage to more open and rangy small trees. Viburnums are prized for their multi-season interest, with blossom, berry and foliage varying by species. Flowers attract many butterflies and other early-season pollinators in spring. Ripening berries, some edible for humans, put on a show of color throughout the summer.

All the Viburnums we offer are important wildlife plants, native to eastern North America.

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