Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick Hazelnut


Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick Hazelnut

Corylus contorta ‘Contorta’ 6-12' x 15-20' Also called Corkscrew Hazel. Discovered in Frocester, Gloucestershire, England, 1863.

A non-fruiting (except on very rare occasions) European filbert with a dense mounded form, grown for its contorted branches, leaves and catkins. Branching begins low and curves, twists and curls from the largest branch down to the tiniest twig. Even the drooping foliage is wrinkled and curled. It’s a completely wonderful sight. Used in flower arrangements, canes, handles and ornamental woodworking. Smoky dark grey bark.

Prefers well-drained loamy soil, full sun to partial shade. Remove any uncontorted root suckers that appear from below the graft. Named for Sir Henry Lauder (1870-1950), a famous Scottish entertainer, often seen walking with his crooked cane. Susceptible to eastern filbert blight. Z4. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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