Gray Dogwood


Gray Dogwood

Cornus racemosa 3-8' x 10-15' Also called Northern Swamp Dogwood.

Native multi-stemmed thickly branched suckering shrub with rounded domes of small 4-petaled white flowers that bloom in early summer; they look like small hydrangea panicles and will attract many pollinators. White berries appear in autumn, set off by bright red fruit stalks. “Spent” pinkish inflorescences, particularly attractive in winter, look like miniature trees and are sometimes used by architecture students in models. Simple elongated medium-green foliage. Distinctive grey bark. Useful for windbreaks, riparian plantings and attracting birds.

The most adaptable dogwood—plant it anywhere and it will grow. Sun or partial shade. Forms colonies in all directions, so choose planting location wisely. Full sun, well-drained soil. Native to eastern U.S. and southern Canada. Z4. (1-3')

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