Cider Apples

Cider Apple
Albion RussetOrdering closed for the season
101 Fall-Winter. Medium-small russeted fruit. Delicious flavor with a hint of lime. Good for hard cider and fresh eating. Keeps until midwinter. Z4-7. read more
Ashton Bitter
Ashton BitterOrdering closed for the season
106 Early Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Medium-sized astringent fruit with strong tannin, high sugar and low acidity. Best blended. Z4-6. read more
Cider Apple
BedanOrdering closed for the season
108 Fall. Mild bittersweet cider apple from 14th c. France. Usually classified as a “sweet.” Medium-small fruit. On trial in Zone 4, but probably Z5-8. read more
Cider Apple
Binet RougeOrdering closed for the season
111 Late Fall. Traditional French bittersweet cider apple. Small fruit recommended for trial in most cider-apple growing districts. Probably Z4-7. read more
Bitter Pew
Cider Apple
Bitter PewOrdering closed for the season
112 Fall. Bittersharp cider apple, suited to adding large amounts of tannin to cider. Medium-sized fruit. Not for fresh eating. Z4-6. read more
Chisel Jersey
Cider Apple
Chisel JerseyOrdering closed for the season
124 Late Fall. Small bittersweet cider apple. Medium acidity, highly astringent, harsh and high in tannins. Not for eating fresh. Z4-6. read more
Cider Apple
DabinettOrdering closed for the season
129 Late Fall. Medium-sized, medium-bittersweet cider apple. One of the most popular cider varieties. Not for eating fresh. Annual bearer. Z4-6. read more
Cider Apple
DomainesOrdering closed for the season
131 Early-Mid Fall. Bittersweet cider apple. Tender and bitter. Best blended with other cider apples. Blooms mid-late season. Z5-8. read more
Ellis Bitter
Cider Apple
Ellis BitterOrdering closed for the season
134 Early Fall. Medium bittersweet cider apple. Sweet, crisp and juicy. Soft, astringent, tannin. Useful for its early ripening. Midseason bloomer. Z4-6. read more
Gnarled Chapman
Cider Apple
Gnarled ChapmanOrdering closed for the season
141 Fall. Large beautiful bittersweet cider apple. Blooms midseason. Z4-7. read more
Cider Apple
HarrisonOrdering closed for the season
147 Mid-Late Fall. Medium-small vintage cider apple. Rich firm dry yellow flesh. Famous cider said to be better than champagne! Z4-8. read more
Harry Masters Jersey
Cider Apple
Harry Masters JerseyOrdering closed for the season
148 Fall. Medium-large size. Medium-full bittersweet cider apple. Soft astringent tannin. Not for eating fresh. Z4-7. read more
Kingston Black
Cider Apple
Kingston BlackOrdering closed for the season
158 Fall. Medium-sized bittersharp cider apple. Full-bodied vintage cider with nice blend of acid, tannins and sugar. Decent fresh-eating. Z4-6. read more
Cider Apple
MajorOrdering closed for the season
161 Early Fall. Medium-sized full bittersweet cider apple. Sweet, soft, woolly, juicy, bitter. Vigorous tree, scab-resistant. Z4-6. read more
Medaille d’Or
Cider Apple
Medaille d’OrOrdering closed for the season
164 Late Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Lots of tannin. Light yellow fruit mostly covered with tan russet. Combine with other late varieties. Z4-6. read more
Cider Apple
Porter’s PerfectionOrdering closed for the season
175 Late Fall. Small medium-bittersharp cider apple. Heavy cropper. Scab resistant. Z4-7. read more
Cider Apple
WicksonOrdering closed for the season
199 Fall. Small but flavorful. Crisp, juicy, tart, tangy, spicy. Good in hard cider. Keeps until January. Bears young, heavily, annually. Z4-8. read more
Yarlington Mill
Cider Apple
Yarlington MillOrdering closed for the season
205 Fall. Medium-sized medium-bittersweet cider apple. Low-acid aromatic fruity cider. Highly recommended for commercial growers. Z4-6. read more