Tupelo Shade Tree


Tupelo Shade Tree

Nyssa sylvatica 40-85' x 20-30'. Also called Black Tupelo, Black Gum or Sour Gum.

One of the longest living native flowering plants in North America, capable of living up to 650 years! Medium-sized deciduous tree with small greenish-white flowers in May and June that ripen to dark blue drupes in clusters of two or three. These bitter sour fruits are an important source of food in the fall for migrating birds, who are drawn to the trees by their relatively early color change, known as foliar fruit flagging. Glossy leaves that vary in size and shape from elliptical to obovate put on a spectacular display of color, turning from purple to intense bright scarlet. Becoming a popular landscape tree for its vibrant fall colors. Very hard crossed-grained wood is resistant to splitting—good for railroad ties, mauls and pulleys.

Often found growing in wet swampy areas but in drier sites can become a tall stately shade tree with a spreading crown. Mostly dioecious, plant more than one for fruit. Native to most of the Eastern U.S. Z4. Maine Grown. Indigenous Royalties. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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