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Perry Pears

Perry Pear
Blakeney Red
243 Fall. Medium-sharp perry pear. Beautiful small-medium turbinate or obovate red-blushed pear is about 2" wide. Used for cooking, jams and perry. Z4. read more
Perry Pear
248 Fall. English perry pear. Greenish-yellow, russeted and red-blushed pear, small to almost-medium. Not for fresh eating. Makes high-quality perry. Z4. read more
Perry Pear
Hendre Huffcap
249 Fall. Heirloom English perry pear. Small pears less than 2" in diameter with yellowish skin partly russeted. Used for perry; not for fresh eating. Z4. read more
Perry Pear
Perry Pear Collection
264 Begin your perry orchard with Fedco’s choice of 3 different pear varieties suitable for making perry. All trees individually labeled. read more
Perry Pear
Yellow Huffcap
258 Fall. Ancient English perry pear. Small oval yellow-green russeted pear under 2" in diameter. Used for perry; not for fresh eating. Z4. read more