‘Regent’ Juneberry

Amelanchier alnifolia 4-6' x same. Commonly called Juneberry or Saskatoon. J. Candrian intro, Faribault, MN, 1997. An open-pollinated seedling originating near Regent, ND.

Compact prolific shrub with sweet purple-magenta berries. Beautiful fragrant 5-petaled white flowers are early harbingers of spring in Maine.

Berries good in pies, cobblers, jellies, jams, smoothies and cakes; about the size of a lowbush blueberry, or a bit larger, and seedier. Fruit ripens in mid-July in central Maine.

Plant in well-drained fertile soil and full sun. Foliage somewhat susceptible to leaf spot or rust but this doesn’t affect the fruit. Considered to be self-fruitful but we recommend planting more than one for best fruit sets. Native to northwestern North America. Z2. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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Considered to be self-fruitful but we recommend planting with other Amelanchiers to ensure pollination.

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