Northern Pin Oak


Northern Pin Oak

Quercus palustris 50-70' x 40-60'

Fast-growing oak of the red oak family. The acorns are smaller than those of the red oak and the leaves have deeper sinuses. Deep glossy green foliage turns scarlet red in fall. Pyramidal form when younger becomes open and rounded in maturity. Smooth bark develops ridges with age. Found in the wild growing in swampy areas or on the edge of ponds—palustris means ‘marsh loving.’

Prefers full sun. Tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions from sandy well-drained, to wet clay, and even seasonal flooding. Native to eastern North America. Z4. (1–3' bare-root trees)

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Many oaks are native to New England. Contrary to much of the literature, all acorns are edible, both reds and whites. Oaks are monoecious so you need only one to get acorns.

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