Hybrid Chestnut Seedling


Hybrid Chestnut Seedling

Castanea 50-70' x 30-40' Hybrid crosses of mixed parentage—possibly C. crenata (Japanese), C. mollissima (Chinese) and C. dentata (American) with some C. sativa (European) genes mixed in.

While we continue to support the traditional breeding efforts of the American chestnut in hopes of restoring resistant American seedlings to the landscape, hybrid seedlings offer an immediate path to establishing chestnuts that will thrive in edible landscapes across the country. All the parent trees are showing excellent blight resistance. Nut size will be variable but likely larger than the American chestnut. Use them for roasting, stuffing and soups, or dry them to make flour for baked goods.

Typically begin flowering in 3–5 years and come into full maturity in 15–20 years with high annual nut production averaging 20–50 lbs per tree. Prefers loamy sandy well-drained acidic soil. Two or more needed for pollination. Will cross-pollinate with American chestnut. Z4.

Stock is small this year, so we’re offering these plants at a reduced price. (9-12" bare-root trees)

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