Hazelbert Seedlings

Hazelbert Seedlings Hazelnut

Corylus cross 8-12' tall and bushy.

In the early 20th century, plant breeder Fred Ashworth crossed cold-hardy native hazelnuts with the larger European filbert to produce the Hazelbert. [(Corylus americana ‘Graham’ x C. a. ‘Winkler’) x (C. a. ‘Skinner’ x C. avellana)]

Larger than native hazels and smaller than the commercial ones, they’re as delicious as each and hardy as heck. Our 8-year-old seedlings started producing 3 years after planting and have been reliable since, ripening about a gallon of nuts per plant in very early fall.

Like other hazels, they clump and sucker to form hedges. May be self-fruitful but for best nut sets, plant more than one. Z3/4. Maine Grown. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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