Ginkgo biloba 50-80' Also called Maidenhair Tree. Considered the oldest living genus of seed plants; grew in North America in the time of the dinosaurs. There are 3000-year-old specimens in China.

Upright tree when young with branches that spike out and up like the rays of the sun, eventually becoming wide-spreading and graceful. Slow-growing, can be extremely long-lived.

Unique fan-shaped foliage turns sparkling golden-yellow in fall, then all at once the leaves drop and within hours the tree is bare. Famous for their edible nut-like “fruit”, which botanically speaking is actually a gametophyte. Once the flesh is removed the softish nuts can be used in stir-fries. Leaf tea used to enhance circulation to the brain and extremities.

Tolerates smoke, dust, wind, ice, insects, disease, salt. Prefers slightly acidic well-drained soil, very adaptable, full sun to partial shade. Minimal maintenance requirements, nearly indestructible, an excellent city tree. Male and female trees required for seeds. These are unsexed seedlings. Plant two or more to increase the chance of seeds. Native to southeastern China. Z5. Maine Grown. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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