Chinese Chestnut


Chinese Chestnut

Castanea mollisima 40-60' x same.

Low-branching broadly rounded open form with large long narrow sharp-toothed shiny green leaves. Humorous catkins look like green fireworks sprouting from the branch tips. Although variable because they are seedlings, they usually produce good-to-excellent nuts 5-7 years after planting. Of the same genus as the beloved American Chestnut (C. dentata above), but a quite different tree.

Immune or at least highly resistant to the dreaded chestnut blight and used in breeding work to develop a blight-immune American Chestnut. Yellow fall color. Grooved grey bark. Prefers acid well-drained loamy soils. Should be spaced 40' apart. Native to eastern Asia. Z4. Maine Grown. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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