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Amendments and Fertilizers


Fish Hydrolysate
8289 (2-5-0.2) Fish heads, bones, skin and guts finely ground and then enzymatically digested. Produced using waste from fish processing, not from... read more


Liquid Kelp
8269 Maine-harvested kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum, is a source of growth-promoting and -regulating hormones. Use when starting seeds to improve seed... read more

Planting Mixes

Ancients Rise Mixcurrently on backorder
8336 Whether they be abandoned heirlooms or wild seedlings, tucked in the woods or growing alongside an old road, apple trees live on for hundreds of... read more
Fall Fruit Tree Prep Mixcurrently on backorder
8333 To prepare your land in fall or winter for spring fruit-tree planting, use this mix. Without digging a hole, spread one bag on an area 4–6' in... read more
Fruition Mixcurrently on backorder
8330 A balanced fertilizer to keep your bearing fruit trees healthy and productive. Gypsum (to maintain optimum calcium levels to promote disease... read more
Planting Mix
Hole-Istic Spring Planting Mix
8324 Recommended for fruit trees at planting time. Formerly known as Fruit Tree Planting Mix. Our own well-balanced blend of Tennessee brown phosphate,... read more



Cider Shirt, Crewneck
9428 Celebrate your favorite fall drink with our popular cider T-shirt, featuring John Bunker’s full-color paintings of ten of the most famous English,... read more


Bird-X® Orchard Netting
8862 Drape over trees or bushes and fasten to protect fruit or berries from birds. Strong and durable black polypropylene ⅝" mesh with UV inhibitors.

... read more
Deer-X® Protective Fencing
8865 Use as temporary fencing to protect plantings and fruit crops from deer, birds and other pests. Strong and durable black polypropylene ⅝" mesh... read more

Farm Seed


Grass Seed: CR Lawn Mix
8061 All-purpose grass-seed mix for the Northeast. 50% bluegrass, 30% red fescue, 15% perennial ryegrass and 5% white clover. Good for a range of... read more
NOFA Cover Crop Cocktail - Organicout-of-stock
8060 Complex cover crop blends are trending on the organic ag scene; so what’s all the buzz about? Just as a well-mixed cocktail balances a variety of... read more

Inoculants and Probiotics


Dr. Higa’s Original™ EM-1 Microbial Inoculant
8185 Microbial Inoculant Concentrated Effective Microorganisms®. Active microbial life in the soil and on plants is a better solution than synthetic... read more
MycoApply Endo/Ecto
8176 Four species of endomycorrhizal fungi, 7 species of ectomycorrhizal fungi, 5 species of beneficial bacteria. About 90% of plant species form... read more


Humic Acids SP
8167 A dry soluble powder with humic acid concentration of 85%. Derived from the mineral leonardite.

Humic acids are the wild-card molecules of soil

... read more


Emitter Tubing

Emitter Tubing
Emitter Tubing 18" spacing
9125 Like a hybrid between mainline tubing and drip tape. ½" hose with pre-installed 1 gph emitters every 18". May be used alone on crops like squash,... read more
Emitter Tubing
Emitter Tubing 36" spacing
9122 Like a hybrid between mainline tubing and drip tape: ½" hose with pre-installed 1 gph emitters every 36". May be used alone on crops like squash,... read more


Orchard Crop Irrigation Starter Kit
9104 So you’ve planted (or are about to plant) a carefully spaced and fertilized new orchard. Make sure the plants get the water they need! Most fruit... read more



The Apple Grower: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist
9471 by Michael Phillips, 2nd edition, 320 pages, 8x10, softcover. The book you need to grow apples organically. Research aimed at reducing the use of... read more
Apples and the Art of Detection: Tracking Down, Identifying and Preserving Rare Apples
9470 by John Bunker, 407 pages, 8½x11, softcover. I’ve been listening to John Bunker talk about apples for as long as I can remember. The old varieties... read more
The Apples of New England
9474 by Russell Steven Powell, 214 pages, 7¼x7¼, hardcover. Apples were planted in New England as far back as 1604 when the French explorer Pierre du... read more
Apples to Cider: How to make cider at home
9477 by April White with Steve Wood, 152 pages, 8x10, softcover. The current revolution in fermented cider has been an effort of thousands of... read more
Cass Turnbull’s Guide to Pruning: What, When, Where & How to Prune for a More Beautiful Gardencurrently on backorder
9522 by Cass Turnbull, 365 pages, 7¼x9, softcover. I’m the kind of tree gardener who feels that one pruning book is not enough. Each one has something... read more
The Holistic Orchard: Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way
9624 by Michael Phillips, 414 pages, 8x10, softcover. Written by the renowned New Hampshire-based orchardist and author of The Apple Grower, this book... read more

Livestock Supplies


Blackstrap Molasses - Organic
8497 Molasses can be used for boosting crops, or as a feed additive for livestock.

Crops: Our blackstrap molasses supplies important nutrients such as

... read more


Hemp Tree Squares
8405 The magical medicine plant strikes again! These hemp-fiber squares block weeds and preserve moisture around the base of your young trees, giving... read more

Plant Protection and Pest Control

Plant Protection and Pest Control
MoleMax® Mole & Vole Repellent
8726 10% castor oil in a base of fuller’s earth. Whether you have moles tunneling in your lawn, groundhogs eating their way through your vegetable... read more


8666 Broad Spectrum Foliar Fungicide. A potassium bicarbonate formulation to prevent powdery mildew, Alternaria blight, Anthracnose, black spot,... read more
Safer® Garden Fungicide
8687 A liquid concentrate for home gardens, 12% elemental sulfur, a natural fungicide. Use for control of leaf spot, rust and powdery mildew on house... read more
THAT™ Liquid Sulfur
8690 (52% S) Takes the prize for Most Infuriating Product Name—try asking the warehouse crew “Have you seen the THAT?” But we keep it around because it... read more


DiPel® DF
8753 Biological insecticidal dry flowable wettable powder. Commercial strength Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki), approx 32,000 IU/mg.... read more
Entrust™currently on backorder
8759 Spinosad is a mixture of spinosyn A and D metabolites produced during fermentation by Saccharopolyspora spinosa, an actinomycete (fungus-like)... read more
Grandevo® CG
8750 A liquid formulation of the bacterium Chromobacterium subtsugae. A GRAND addition to your pest-fighting arsenal. Reduces plant damage from sucking... read more
Milky Spore Powder Japanese Beetle Control
8747 Ready to use. Works on Japanese Beetle grubs—not the adults—so results are noticeable only over the long term. (Try Pyganic or Bug Buster-O for... read more
Monterey Garden Insect Spray
8762 Spinosad is a mixture of spinosyn A and D metabolites produced during fermentation by Saccharopolyspora spinosa, an actinomycete (fungus-like)... read more
NovaSource Surround® WP Crop Protectantcurrently on backorder
8720 This crop protectant is 95% kaolin clay, but this ain’t pottery-grade kaolin. A patented process of centrifuging and filtering delivers a critical... read more
Safer® Brand Caterpillar Killer
8756 for Trees, Shrubs & Vegetables Concentrate II. Liquid concentrate Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki) Labeled for a variety of caterpillar... read more

Orchard and Garden Health

Orchard and Garden Health
Ahimsa Organics® Karanja Oil
8663 Eastern tradition and Western utilitarianism meet again! Enlightened growers of veggies, fruits and medical ganja value karanja oil for its... read more
Orchard and Garden Health
Ahimsa Organics® Neem Oil
8660 Promotes the health and vitality of trees and plants. Neem has long been recognized for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic... read more
Orchard and Garden Health
Holistic Orchard Spray Kit
8657 To promote the health of your home orchard, this kit contains: 1 gal Fish Hydrolysate, 1 qt Neem Oil, 1 quart EM-1 (effective microbes), 1 gal... read more

Orchard and Garden Pest Patrol

Orchard and Garden Pest Patrol
Apple Maggot Lure
8633 Apple essence lure for use with red ball traps. Works up to 12 weeks to attract apple maggot flies. Nat’l List

Hang the red ball traps in the

... read more
Orchard and Garden Pest Patrol
Apple Pest Kit
8636 Six red ball traps, apple maggot lure and a jar of Stiky Stuff. Provides pest monitoring for a small orchard or pest control for 1–3 trees. read more
Orchard and Garden Pest Patrol
Bird-Scaring Balloon
8615 Successfully tested against some of Maine’s toughest crows! Multi-colored strips around a menacing metallic eye.

According to Cherokee artist Kade

... read more
Orchard and Garden Pest Patrol
Birdscare Flash Tape®
8618 Silver and red metallized 7/16"x290' plastic tape is a cost-effective method to protect crops against bird damage. Suspend tape in a loose spiral... read more
Orchard and Garden Pest Patrol
BugBarrier Tree Bands
8625 Traps insect pests that crawl up the trunks of trees, including spring and fall cankerworms, spotted lanternflies, winter moths, forest tent... read more
Codling Moth Trap & Lurecurrently on backorder
8646 Awfully cute name for an awfully harmful pest! Codling moth (Cydia pomonella) is a pest that damages fruit of apple, pear, walnut and quince. It... read more
Ready To Use Tree Tanglefoot® Insect Barrier®out-of-stock
8624 A very sticky substance made of castor oil, natural gum resins and vegetable waxes. Prevents climbing insects from reaching foliage, buds and... read more
Orchard and Garden Pest Patrol
Red Ball Trap
8627 Use to monitor and trap insects, including apple maggot fly and cherry fruit fly. Sturdy 3½" reusable hollow glossy red plastic ball with hook and... read more
Orchard and Garden Pest Patrol
Stiky Stuff
8630 All-weather adhesive used to coat red ball traps for monitoring and trapping insect populations. Sticky and odorless coating. To remove, scrape... read more


ThermX™ 70 Soil Conditioner Natural Wetting Agent
8714 A wetting agent and spreader-sticker, made from a liquid concentrate of 70% yucca solids. Increases the longevity and effectiveness of pesticide... read more


BeeHut Bee Houseout-of-stock, searching for replacement
8961 An estimated 15% of the combined value of U.S. fruit, nut, vegetable and field crop production can be attributed to pollination services provided... read more
BeeHut Reeds
8963 Larger size are for spring mason bees; smaller for summer leafcutter bees. Either bundle will fill one BeeHut (please note: BeeHut House sold... read more


8187 Hydrogel formulation absorbs and holds water. The swollen crystals adhere to plant roots, reducing transplant shock. Safe, nontoxic, easy to use.... read more

Labels & Markers

Labels & Markers
Aluminum Label Tags
9310 Permanent all-weather 3" long by 13/16" wide tags with 9" wires, especially for labeling trees. Can write on both sides. read more
Vinyl Plant Tagsout-of-stock, check back later
9301 John Bunker says vinyl siding works so well as an outdoor label that “we should remove it from all the houses in the world and make it all into... read more



Felco® #200-A Loppers
9022 An excellent lopper with 17" tubular aluminum handles capable of cutting branches up to 1½" diameter. Comfortable to handle, easy to use. The... read more
Felco® #6 Pruners
9007 Designed for a smaller hand, otherwise just like the heavy-duty Felco #8 pruners. Customer Anne Greensfelder, an occupational therapist... read more
Felco® #600 Folding Pruning Saw
9037 Japanese-style pull-action pruning saw with a locking blade that folds into the handle. The patented design of the blade, thicker at the bottom... read more
Felco® #611 Straight Pruning Saw
9038 Larger pruning saw with durable ergonomic non-slip plastic handle. 13" blade features a patented Japanese design, thicker at the bottom and... read more
Felco® #7 or #10 Pruners
9010 The handle in the fingers rotates to allow the fingers to move naturally, reducing the fatigue and blistering brought on by a hard day’s pruning.... read more
Felco® #8 or #9 Pruners
9013 The classic Felco handpruners: heavy-duty, lightweight, comfortable to hold. Excellent cutting action. Blade features a sap groove and soft-wire... read more
Felco® Lubricant
9067 Lightweight synthetic non-stick formula does not get resinous with age or oxidation. Developed for cleaning gardening and workshop tools. Provides... read more
Felco® Pruner Grease
9070 High-quality grease prevents corrosion and keeps parts moving freely. Clean your pruners regularly with Felco Lubricant then coat the moving parts... read more
Shear Case
9058 For Felco® pruners or shears. Heavy leather case you can clip onto belt, waistband or pocket. Molds itself to the shape of your pruner. read more


All-purpose Budding Knife
8992 Pointed curved-end 2" stainless steel blade for cutting buds and slicing insertion slits in the bark of the host rootstock. Round-tipped solid... read more
Folding Grafting Knifecurrently on backorder
8989 To shape a stick of scionwood for grafting, you need a knife that is beveled on only one face so the cut is as flat as possible.

We offer

... read more
Grafting Kits
8971 The basics you’ll need to graft fruit trees (or any woody plants that can be propagated by grafting). Includes one grafting knife with... read more
Grafting Wax
8983 Primarily beeswax, with a few proprietary stabilizers added. Use to seal and protect new grafts from the elements. Does not need to be heated,... read more
Parafilm® Grafting & Budding Tape
8974 Very stretchy ½" or 1" tape holds graft union firmly together. Unlike PVC, Parafilm, a low-molecular-weight polyethylene product, is relatively... read more
PVC Grafting Tape
8977 Some grafters report that Parafilm® tape is not strong enough for larger grafts. PVC tape is much stronger than Parafilm and will not break down.... read more
Rubber Grafting Strips
8980 Rubber strips are more suitable for large grafts and supply more even pressure across the entire grafted area than grafting tape does. Doesn’t... read more
Treekote™ Grafting Sealer
8986 Water-soluble black asphalt emulsion for graft dressing. Dries quickly. Used extensively and successfully with any kind of grafting. (We do not... read more

Orchard Tools

Orchard Tool
Deluxe Picking Bucket with Harness
9001 Comfortable wide cloth straps disburse the weight of your harvest across your back and shoulders while you pick.

Foam-lined bucket has a Cordura®

... read more
Orchard Tool
Limb Spreaders
8968 These galvanized metal limb spreaders are more durable than the plastic versions we used to carry. Use them to establish optimal crotch angles on... read more
Ratcheting Lopperscurrently on backorder
9023 Lop with ease! These loppers use a simple ratcheting mechanism to increase the pressure from your grip by five-fold. One red handle and one black... read more
Orchard Tool
Ratcheting Pruners
9024 If you have arthritis or low upper-body strength, you may find pruning jobs a challenge. Simple physics to the rescue! These pruners use a simple... read more
Orchard Tool
Tree Guards
8965 Spiral plastic guards protect tree trunks from mice and voles in the winter. Remove them from apple and quince trees during the growing season... read more
Orchard Tool
Tree Staking Kit
8969 Stake your claim on a healthy root system! Staking is recommended for dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees, trees in windy sites, trees that develop a... read more
Orchard Tool
Wheeler Pruning Saw
9031 John Bunker says, “Although not well known outside the orchard trade, this is the best all-around pruning saw there is. I never prune a tree... read more
Orchard Tool
World’s Best Fruit Picker
8998 We’ve been through a few different models of fruit pickers: it turns out people are picky about their pickers! We introduced this one a couple of... read more


Felco® Sharpener
9061 Composite steel blade with two precision edges hones and imparts the correct cutting angle in the same stroke. Hold sharpener at a 30–50° angle to... read more
Sharpeners for Dummies
9064 Those with a knack for sharpening tools consider it an art and a science, and you couldn’t pry the good old-fashioned sharpening stone from their... read more


Silky Hayauchi Pole Sawcurrently on backorder
9049 Hayauchi is Japanese for ‘fast beating’—as in drumming or typing. It also makes for fast sawing, especially in taller trees like pears or cherries... read more
Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw
9040 5" blade folds into a black nonslip rubberized handle, to slip into your pocket. This little guy is not the saw to tackle your largest pruning... read more
Silky Sugoi Straight Pruning Saw
9043 Sugoi is Japanese for amazing and awesome! 14½" gently curved chrome-plated blade with 5.5 teeth per inch. Comes with a bright yellow plastic... read more


SOLO® Backpack Sprayer
9231 Our efforts to carry a backpack sprayer that retails for under $100 brought us nothing but grief in the form of quality complaints. So we sought... read more