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Online Livestock Resources

Graze Magazine Level-headed treatment of management-intensive rotational grazing on family-scale farms, much of it related to New England.

USDA's Alternative Farming Systems Information Center Includes market profiles, supplier lists, and articles about organic production practices for a variety of organic livestock.

Maine Grass Farmers Network Grass-based livestock producers conduct an annual Grazing Conference, pasture walks, and maintain a small no-till drill and a side-slinger manure spreader for rent by members.

Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Association Not just for dairy farmers—their newsletters and industry news sections offer dozens of useful articles about growing forages and grain, and organic approaches to animal healthcare.

Animal Welfare Approved Certifies high-welfare pasture-based family farms raising livestock. Very informative certification guidelines, and useful technical bulletins.

MidAmerica Agricultural Research Provides affordable and informative fecal testing. They charge only $5 per sample and provide you with egg counts broken down by species of parasite.

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