Catalog Codes

Organic after cultivar name = Organically Grown, entire lot is certified-organic seed.

Indigenous Royalties— A few years ago, Fedco began to pay a portion of our seed sales of certain varieties—like Hopi Blue corn and Jacob’s Cattle bean—to Nibezun, a Wabanaki project here in Maine that is working to rematriate Penobscot land and to create dialogue on healing throughout the extended community. Our Indigenous Royalties program is one small way to appreciate and recognize the native breeders and seed keepers whose varieties have endured and continue to sustain us here on Turtle Island. In 2021, we extended the program to our Organic Growers Supply and Potatoes, Onions & Exotics catalogs, and began paying royalties for varieties that bear Native American names. Search for OGS items receiving Indigenous Royalties.

In 2022 Fedco paid $9,518.31 in Indigenous Royalties (Seeds $1,718.70, Trees $5,563.34, and OGS/POE $2,236.27).

Supplier Codes: Know where your seed comes from! This unique Fedco feature provides information about the source(s) of each seed variety. Varieties with more than one supplier may have two or more codes. We code according to our best information at press time. When seed is short we must sometimes change suppliers later in the season. With notable exceptions, we generally choose varieties based on their merits rather than on our supplier preferences. We do not offer genetically engineered varieties, although we purchase from corporations engaged in genetic engineering. Use the supplier codes to help you make your own choices about whom you are supporting and which varieties are best for your garden or farm. Codes are as follows:

① Small seed farmers including Fedco staff.
② Family-owned companies or cooperatives, domestic and foreign.
③ Domestic and foreign corporations not part of a larger conglomerate.
④ Multinationals not to our knowledge engaged in genetic engineering.
⑤ Multinationals who are engaged in genetic engineering.
⑥ Syngenta, manufacturer of neonicotinoids.

All of our farm seed has supplier codes 1 or 2!