Fiskars® Pole Fruit Picker


Fiskars® Pole Fruit Picker

Finally, a high-quality pole picker that doesn’t puncture or damage fruit! We’re thrilled to offer this sturdy yet lightweight tool with its well-designed head with patented tabs that gently procure fruit and catch it into a mesh bag. Suitable for practically all shapes and sizes of fruit, from crabapples to papayas. The angle of the head is adjustable, and the mesh bag is machine washable. We also find the telescoping design on the fiberglass handle to be superior to other models; it employs an intuitive double-locking mechanism for a secure setting—no more guessing which way to turn the tightening knob. Endorsed by the folks at Out on a Limb Apple CSA.

Extends from 6'8" to 11'8" to pick those pears way up high. Comes with a full lifetime warranty from Fiskars®. The 35# shipping weight is to account for the extra cost of shipping the long handle. Actual weight is just 3¼#. NEW!

8997 Fiskars® Pole Fruit Picker
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