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The solution is all in solution!

No matter where you are or what you grow, you’ve probably noticed two trends:

  • Rain is an increasingly unreliable source of water for crops.
  • Each year brings a few more diseases and insect pests to your area.
Gardeners and farmers are having to irrigate when and where they’ve never had to before, and they are having to manage new, unfamiliar diseases and pests. It can be hard to decide whether it’s worth the time and expense to irrigate or spray. If you’re taking the time to water or spray your crop, why not boost the water with some extra nutrients or beneficial organisms?

Fertigation means adding water-soluble products to an irrigation system. Foliar sprays can be applied on a small scale with pump sprayers. Check out the chart to learn about all the great things you can use to supercharge your water!

ItemProductPrimary functionFertigation rateFoliar spray rate
8167Humic AcidChelator1 oz/50 gal1 oz /50gal
8170Fulvic Acid Chelator0.1–1 fl oz/gal0.1–1 fl oz/gal
8185EM-1Beneficial bacteria5 fl oz/gal5 fl oz/gal
8188MPMMacro & micronutrients5–10 gal/acre1 cup/gal
8190Essential Plus Macro & micronutrients2 fl oz/gal1.25–2.5 fl oz/gal
8192BioNutrients Macro & micronutrients1 Tbsp/gal1 Tbsp/gal
8266Kelp-It Micronutrients0.5 tsp/gal
8269Liquid KelpMicronutrients2 Tbsp/gal2 Tbsp/gal
8289Fish HydrolysateMacronutrients4 Tbsp/gal2 Tbsp/gal
8292Fish w/ KelpMacro & micronutrients4 Tbsp/gal2-3 Tbsp/gal
8663Karanja OilSynergist2 Tbsp/gal
8702ActinovateBiofungicide0.5–1 tsp/gal
8705SerenadeBiofungicide0.5 cup/gal
8708Companion WPBiofungicide0.25 tsp/gal
8714ThermX™ 70Soil and leaf penetrant0.5 tsp/gal0.5 tsp/gal
8717Nu Film® PSticker-spreader4–6 fl oz/100 gal