Felco® #6 Pruners


Felco® #6 Pruners

Designed for a smaller hand, otherwise just like the heavy-duty Felco #8 pruners. Customer Anne Greensfelder, an occupational therapist specializing in hands, explained that most women who use the #8 can’t open it all the way so don’t get the full advantage of its leverage. Ideal for pruning grape vines, shrubs and trees. The smaller size allows cuts closer to the stem. Right-handed.

9007 Felco® #6 Pruners
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Imported from Jura, Switzerland, Felco tools set the standard for professional quality, precision and durability. Made with high-quality steel and forged metal alloys, they feature extensively researched ergonomic designs so they work well and last a lifetime. Easy to maintain or replace parts. We stock replacement parts for pruners and saws and can special-order parts for any Felco product.

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