Orchard Crop Irrigation Starter Kit


Orchard Crop Irrigation Starter Kit

So you’ve planted (or are about to plant) a carefully spaced and fertilized new orchard. Make sure the plants get the water they need! Most fruit trees, shrubs and canes require the equivalent of 0.6–1.2 gallons of water per square foot, every week throughout the growing season. For an apple tree, this means about 5 gallons a week.

We redesigned this kit to make it more effective at delivering water where your plants need it most, and to make assembly and disassembly easier. The new star of the show is Emitter Tubing, which we learned about from landscaping gurus Robert Kourik and Lee Reich. This tubing makes it a cinch to supply each plant with two or more emitters, and it minimizes leaking and clogging.

This kit will irrigate up to 10 trees spaced every 25'. If you’re irrigating bushes, shrubs, or canes with closer spacing, you’ll want additional fittings to match the number of plants. Setup instructions are included. Email ogs@fedcoseeds.com for help.

Get started from the spigot with:
Vacuum breaker to prevent backflow into your water system
200 mesh drip filter
40 psi pressure regulator
2 Mainline Hose Beginnings to connect from spigot or garden hose to mainline
200' of ½" polyethylene mainline tubing
50' Emitter tubing with 18" spacing
Hose Y w/ valves
2 L-couplers
8 T-couplers
10 Figure-8 ends
50 Earth Staples

Requires two 25-ft garden hoses (not included).

9104 Orchard Crop Irrigation Starter Kit
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Additional Information

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation applies moisture where it is needed, at the plants’ roots, so it conserves water and does not cause mold problems. The drip method helps crops get over transplant shock and get established, and ensures adequate water supply until the rain comes. Also useful in greenhouses.

We recommend sketching your garden and proposed irrigation system before you order to ensure that you get all the pieces you need.

Click here for help in designing your own system.