Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters


Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters

Here in New England, we need all the tick protection we can get. These innovative breathable leg gaiters help us stay safe in all our outdoor endeavors. The patented mesh-fabric design features 3D hills and valleys that ticks instinctively explore, which slows their climb up your leg by 400–800% (according to lab tests) while exposing them to microencapsulated permethrin to repel them. The UV-protected microcapsules work by gradual release of fresh permethrin upon the friction of use; this treatment is on the inside and outside of the fabric, and will remain effective through 50 warm washes. For the seasonal or recreational wearer, expect a pair to last 3+ years; folks who work outside for a living may need a new pair every year.

Compare against other permethrin treatments that are soaked in or sprayed on: those constantly outgas and break down in UV light, degrading within 40 days.

For optimal protection, treat your socks with permethrin, tuck your pantlegs into the socks, and wrap these gaiters tightly around your ankles and calves over your clothes.

Note: permethrin is a synthetic insecticide that resembles the pyrethrin found in chrysanthemums. Small/medium size fits calves 18" around; large/x-large fits up to 20" - NEW style with more secure fit on large/x-large, see fourth photo. Both sizes are 12" tall. Wheat color.

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