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Pesticides and Pollinator Safety

Does viewing this table on a small screen make you want to cry? We have wracked our brains and have not yet come up with a satisfactory way to display all of this tabular data on mobile devices. Perhaps you can use a device with a larger screen, or can download and print a copy of the table: (PDF).

Item #ProductActive IngredientPurposeNot ToxicLow ToxicityHigh ToxicitySpray Dusk or DawnNot Near Blossoms
8592Nature's AvengerD-Limonene (citrus oil)Broad-spectrum herbicide-1-1
8637SerenadeBacillus subtilisBactericide/fungicide-1-1
8601Sil-MatrixPotassium SilicateFungicide/insecticide-1-1
8625RegaliaReynoutria sachalinensis extractFungicide-1
8607CuevaCopper octanoateFungicide-1-1
8604BonideCopper octanoateFungicide-1-1
8610Champ WGCopper hydroxideFungicide-1-1
8634ActinovateStreptomyces lydicusBactericide/fungicide-1
8628-31RootShieldTrichoderma harzianumBactericide/fungicide-1
8595MilstopPotassium bicarbonateFungicide-1
8616-8622Sulfur ProductsSulfurFungicide-1-1
8652SurroundKaolinInsect Barrier-1
8640Golden Pest Spray OilSoybean OilFungicide/insecticide-1-1
8643Stylet OilMineral OilFungicide/insecticide-1-1
8646Therm-XYucca SolidsSpreader-sticker-1
8649NuFilm PPinoleneSpreader-sticker-1
8655Deer StopperEgg, mint, rosemaryMammal repellant-1
8658Garlic BarrierGarlicInsect Repellant-1
8659Anti-Pest-OCapsaicin, garlic & azadirachtins from neem oilInsecticide-1-1
8660AzamaxAzadirachtins A & B from neem oilInsecticide-1-1
8670Milky SporeBacillus popilliaeInsecticide-1
8673Mycotrol OBeauveria bassianaInsecticide-1
8676, 8679DiPel, SaferBacillus thuringiensisInsecticide-1
8664SluggoIron phosphateMolluscicide-1
8667Sluggo PlusIron phosphate, spinosadMolluscicide-1-1
8682, 8685Entrust, Mont Gard SpraySpinosadInsecticide-1-1