Silicone Bucket Comfort Grip


Silicone Bucket Comfort Grip

If you’re like us, you have little patience for 5-gallon bucket handles. Even when the cheap plastic on the wire bail is intact, the ergonomics are horrid. Once that has cracked or fallen off, the bucket is rendered practically useless. Thanks to these 100% silicone grips, our bucket woes are a thing of the past.

Features finger grooves and a larger grip circumference, so the weight is more evenly distributed on your hand, allowing you to comfortably carry heavier buckets for longer durations. Easy to put on and take off but doesn’t come loose during use. Silicone is more durable and ocean-friendly than plastic knockoffs. Withstands extreme heat and cold. Intact plastic handles must be removed to use these grips; we recommend cutting the plastic lengthwise with a sharp utility knife or using vise grips to break it away. 4 x 1 x 1¼". Orange.

8885 Silicone Bucket Comfort Grip

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