Felco® #611 Straight Pruning Saw


Felco® #611 Straight Pruning Saw

Larger pruning saw with durable ergonomic non-slip plastic handle. 13" blade features a patented Japanese design, thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top, preventing clogging and binding, since only the teeth come in contact with the wood. Cuts very smoothly on the pull stroke. Hard chrome plating prevents rust. Easily cuts 5–6" limb. Comes with a plastic blade sheath. Saw’s overall length is 19¾"; weight, 13.1 oz.

9038 Felco® #611 Straight Pruning Saw
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Imported from Jura, Switzerland, Felco tools set the standard for professional quality, precision and durability. Made with high-quality steel and forged metal alloys, they feature extensively researched ergonomic designs so they work well and last a lifetime. Swiss-made, except where noted.