Hot Biscuits Amaranth - Organic


Hot Biscuits Amaranth - Organic

Amaranthus cruentus
(65-75 days) Flaunts glorious 2' chestnut-bronze to copper-colored well-branched seedheads atop its majestic 4' stalks at maturity. Pinch back to facilitate branching. Wonderful decorative complement to the red amaranths, used as a garden backdrop or to give harvest arrangements a bright earthy autumnal color. Easy to grow. Also an underused food plant both for its seeds and its young leaves, though the seeds may require too long to mature in our climate. Replaces Copperhead, which was starting to exhibit red off-types.
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4832 Hot Biscuits - Organic
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Annual. A dual-purpose crop, both nutritious and decorative. From the Greek amarantos for ‘unfading.’ Used as an ornamental, especially in harvest arrangements. Amaranth was an extremely important food of the Aztecs. ~1,250 seeds/g.

Also see callaloo for greens.


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