Chervil - Organic


Chervil - Organic

Anthriscus cerefolium
(60 days to full maturity) Open-pollinated. The Greeks referred to it as khaire-phyllon, or ‘leaf of joy,’ and carried sprigs to bless their friends. Superior slow-bolting strain of this annual grows vigorously. Delicate lacy leaves with distinct flavor good in soups, with fish or asparagus. Essential ingredient in mesclun. Direct seed before a rain in early spring or summer in rich well-drained soil with light but constant moisture. Begin harvesting leaves 6–8 weeks after sowing. In warmer locations performs best as a fall crop. Also good for microgreens. About 6,000 seeds/oz. 1/16oz packet about 370 seeds.

3045 Chervil - Organic
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