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Briggs Auburn
Briggs Auburnsold out for orders received after 1/10/19
117 Fall-Winter. Large all-purpose apple with bright well-balanced flavor. Hints of banana and blackberry. Keeps all winter. Z4-6. read more

Cider Apples

Cider Apple
Albion RussetOrdering closed for the season
101 Fall-Winter. Medium-small russeted fruit. Delicious flavor with a hint of lime. Good for hard cider and fresh eating. Keeps until midwinter. Z4-7. read more
Ashton Bitter
Ashton Bittersold out for orders received after 2/1/19
106 Early Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Medium-sized astringent fruit with strong tannin, high sugar and low acidity. Best blended. Z4-6. read more
Cider Apple
DomainesOrdering closed for the season
131 Early-Mid Fall. Bittersweet cider apple. Tender and bitter. Best blended with other cider apples. Blooms mid-late season. Z5-8. read more


Cornelian Cherries

Cornelian Cherry Seedlings
Cornelian Cherry Seedlingssold out for orders received after 1/4/19
452 Cornus mas Bright red pear-shaped edible fruit. Each one will be unique. Plant several for genetic diversity. They will pollinate each other and any named cornelian cherry cultivar. Z4/5. read more

Fruiting Shrubs And Ornamentals


‘Johns’sold out for orders received after 1/9/19
517 Sambucus canadensis 6-10' x 6-8' Very vigorous, up to 10' tall. We observed one particular specimen grow five feet in one summer! Z3. read more
‘Korsor’sold out for orders received after 1/8/19
528 Sambucus nigra 6-8' x 2-5' Bred for heavy fruit clusters and excellent juicing quality. High in immune-boosting anthocyanins. Upright habit, vigorous. Z4/5. read more
‘Samyl’sold out for orders received after 12/28/18
530 Sambucus nigra 5-8' x 2-5' Selected for juice production based on very high anthocyanin content and sweet flavor. Strong upright shoots. Z4. read more



‘Magenta’Ordering closed for the season
L568 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12-15" Vigorous cultivar produces large purplish-red berries. Excellent rich flavor. Z2. read more

Small Trees and Shrubs


‘Phillips’sold out for orders received after 1/4/19
545 Viburnum trilobum 8-12' x same. May flowers attract beneficial insects. Pendulous bunches of red berries. Best-tasting highbush cranberry. Z2. read more


‘Bob Gordon’
‘Bob Gordon’sold out, on the deadline
515 Sambucus canadensis 6-8' x same. Large clusters of large dark berries. High Brix level; great for winemaking. Upright, slightly spreading habit. Z4. read more
‘Nova’sold out for orders received after 2/8/19
519 Sambucus canadensis 6-8' x same. Large sweet berries are good for wine, pie and jelly. Matures early and uniformly. Z3. read more
‘Wyldewood’sold out, on the deadline
522 Sambucus canadensis Vigorous consistently high-yielding elderberry cultivar. Competitive with Adams and ripens a little bit later. Z3. read more


Apothecary’s Rosesold out for orders received after 1/7/19
499 Rosa gallica ‘Officinalis’ 4x4'. Ancient semi-double deeply fragrant intense deep pink rose. Four rows of soft silky petals surround a crown of golden stamens. Z4. read more



GroundnutOrdering closed for the season
L394 Apios americana Nitrogen-fixing leguminous perennial twining vine with edible tubers. Prefers moist sandy soil. Full to partial sun. Z3. read more


Schisandra Berry
Schisandra Berrysold out for orders received after 1/9/19
399 Schisandra chinensis 20' or taller. Ornamental vines produce flavorful medicinal berries. Used to build the immune system and rejuvenate the body. Dioecious. Z4. read more