Aranka Early Carrot


Aranka Early Carrot

(56 days) F-1 hybrid. Aranka means ‘golden’ in Hungarian. The discontinuation of Nelson carrot was a loss felt by the early summer snacking and bunching crowd. But our Fedco motto for trialing is “Less mourning, more munching!” For five summers we’ve grown and eaten a lot of early Nantes/Nelson–class carrots. We found OP Coral, and now we are happy to offer hybrid Aranka! Bejo Seeds, who bred Nelson, packed many of the same excellent traits into Aranka: early orange crunchy sweet eating at 3–5" long. But Aranka’s similar short top is stronger and healthier, making harvest and bunching easier. Nelson who? NEW!

2094 Aranka
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Additional Information


Daucus carota

⅛ oz packet sows 35 ft; 1 oz, 280 ft. 1 gram packet has more than 600 seeds and sows about 10 ft. Carrots average 18,000 seeds/oz with significant variations among varieties.

Culture: Very hardy. Early carrots can be sown by late April. Can take up to 3 weeks to germinate; keep rows from drying out for faster emergence. Sow carrots for winter storage in mid-late June. Thinning is critical: At 3" high thin to ½" apart, at 6" thin again to 1" apart. Minimal germination temperature 40°, optimal range 60–85°.


  • ALTS: Alternaria Leaf Spot
  • CLS: Cercospora Leaf Spot
  • P: Pythium

ALTS shows up first on the oldest foliage as brown-black spots edged with yellow. Foliage blackens and shrivels as it develops and spreads. Maintaining a good crop rotation is the best preventive.