Job’s Tears - Organic


Job’s Tears - Organic

Coix lacryma-jobi
(100 days) Spiky 2–3' stalks good for planters or as filler in dried fall arrangements. Sets pendulous sprays of globular pearly purple-grey seeds, the tears, which may be strung as beads for necklaces. Named for the Greek coix which means ‘palm,’ this ornamental grass’s foliage resembles corn with blades up to 1½" wide. A great favorite of kids who love to harvest the seeds. Forgiving and easy to grow. Start indoors in late March or early April. Will self-sow, but may not have time ripen a full crop of seeds. Believed to be one of the oldest grasses in cultivation, featured in seed catalogs for almost two centuries. Our thanks to Alicia McDonald of Whately, Mass., who sent us seed. Perennial in Zone 9-10, grown as an annual. ~5 seeds/g.

5147 Job’s Tears - Organic
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